Nuevo chipset de via????

  • Buenas, estaba yo navegando x la web d via buscando el Via IDE tool… y me encuentro con esto:

    12 March 2003
    Get ready for lap tops with more grunt! VIA has launched the ProSavage™ KN400 chipsetFeaturing the integrated S3 Graphics UniChrome 2D/3D AGP graphics core with built-in MPEG-2 acceleration, the VIA ProSavage KN400 chipset has been designed from the ground up to deliver stunning video quality for key mobile digital media applications such as DVD playback. With its flexible 200/266/333MHz Front Side Bus settings, the KN400 is optimized to run the complete range of mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processors, including the latest AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2400+ based on the “Barton” core. Performance and versatility are further enhanced by support for a full selection of DDR memory types, as well as a host of advanced connectivity and multimedia features including USB 2.0 and six-channel audio.

    Mmmm... nadie ha hablado d esto antes en el foro (creo). Aparentemente es un chipset para portátiles con sonido y video integrados, no? Alguien sabe algo más? El link a la noticia completa es este:

    1 saludo.

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