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Placas Soltek 865PE @ FSB300 Mhz y 1.200 Mhz QDR!

  • Las nuevas placas base para Pentium 4, con chipsets Springdale y Canterwood, están pegando fuerte xD

    Es el caso de caso de las basadas en el nuevo chipset 865PE, como las Soltek:

    Soltek SL-86SPE(-L) / SL-86MP(-L) mainboards:

    • adopting Intel 865PE(GE) + ICH5 chipset
    • support FSB 800 P4 processors
    • Dual Channel DDR400 SDRAM
    • AGP 8X
    • Serial ATA
    • 6-Channel AC'97 Audio
    • integrated 3D graphics(SL-86MP(-L) only)
    • 8 X USB 2.0 ports
    • However, through Soltek R&D's effort, now SL-86SPE(-L) / SL-86MP(-L) are able to run overclocking up to 1200MHz FSB!

    Clearly Soltek is using an unlocked P4 2.4Ghz engineering sample and there is a divider ratio to run memory at 2:1 or 3:2 supported by the Springdale chipset. If this is so, there wouldn't be much a problem for an retail P4 2.4Ghz on 800Mhz FSB to run at 1200Mhz FSB with multiplier locked at 12x as the clock speed is only at 3.6Ghz and is easily attainable with good cooling. Certainly Springdale and Canterwood boards pack lots of overclocking potential especially when the 800Mhz FSB P4s are out.

    FSB @ 300 Mhz xD

    PD: Pongo este post en el apartado de placas base, pq no se trata de un ejercicio de overclock (la frecuencia final del micro sigue siendo la original, es decir, 2.4 Ghz).

  • Esta otra página, que tb se ha hecho eco de la noticia, dice:

    This is the highest FSB in the world till now! xD

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