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  • SWIFTECH MCW478-UT Para Socket 478 con Peltier
    The MCW462-UH ™ water-block is designed for extremely heavy thermal loads such as, but not limited to: overclocking, multi-processors, thermoelectric cooling, and in general any application requiring superior cooling performance.

    Main features highlight:

    • Universal compatibility with all Intel® Pentium®4, Xeon™, and all AMD® socket A motherboards featuring the four installation holes surrounding the processor socket.

    • CNC machined and anodized aluminum block, with heavy duty C110 copper base plate, lapped to 8 Micro surface finish.

    • Focus jet cooling, with enhanced turbulent flow.

    • 1/2 ID tubing hose barb fittings for extreme flow rate, and minimum pressure drop.

    Motherboard and processor compatibility

    • Intel® Pentium®4 processors , socket 423 & socket 478

    • Intel® Xeon™ processors, socket 603 and 604, single or dual CPU configuration

    • AMD® Athlon® ,and Duron®, MP and XP processors, socket 462

    The octagonal shape of the MCW462-UH ™ has been designed as a universal form factor for installation with all motherboards using the above mentioned processors and sockets. The overall dimensions fit inside the no components zone of both Intel® and AMD® platforms.

    The MCW462-UH ™ is shipped with all the accessories necessary for installation with both Intel® and AMD® processors.

    Performance oriented design

    • High internal chamber capacity: 4.22 in3 (69 cc)

    • Focus jet cooling: the inlet stream is located directly above, and close to the heat source (processor, or thermoelectric module). This effectively optimizes cooling where it is most needed: at the hottest spot of the assembly.

    • Heavy duty base plate: The plate features a raised area .370 in overall thickness. Altogether, the added mass effectively increases heat capacity compared to earlier MCW462 models by 25%. The area in contact with the heat source (processor or thermoelectric module) is lapped, and polished to an 8 Micro Surface finish to optimize heat transfer. Eight 4-40 threaded holes are already in place to accommodate a thermoelectric module assembly. See MCW462-UHT and MCW478-UHT Thermoelectric assemblies below.

    • The internal side of the plate features an irregular surface in the area directly located under the inlet. This creates a turbulent flow, and promotes heat exchange between the plate and the cooling fluid.

    • The base plate features a raised center section allowing clearance for capacitors in dual Intel® Xeon™applications. Overall thickness of the copper base-plate is .370 ± 0.005 .

    • The MCW462-UH is also available in thermo-electric configuration, under the same specifications described in paragraph 5 above. Due to different gasket systems between AMD® and Intel® configurations, the product is identified by two separate model numbers: MCW462-UHT for AMD® processors, MCW478-UHT for Intel® processors

    Convenience and safety features

    • Anti-corrosion protection : the MCW462-UH ™ body receives a blue anodized anti-corrosion treatment. The process is known to be the best available: Type II, class 2 (sulfuric acid anodize).

    • Leak-free guarantee: The assembly is tested prior to shipping under city-water pressure, and guaranteed leak-free up to 60 psi.

    • Safest mounting mechanism: Contrarily to socket clamping mechanisms, the mounting system through the motherboard is proven to protect the assembly against the worse shipping abuses.

    Multi-processor compatibility

    The MCW462-UH ™ can be used in multi-processor platforms

    Thermo-electric (Peltier) module assembly - Models MCW462-UT and MCW478-UT.

    The MCW462-UHT, and MCW478-UHT are fully assembled thermo-electrically cooled versions of the MCW462-UH.

    • Processor compatibility: MCW462-UHT : AMD® Athlon, Duron - Socket A, MCW478-UHT: Intel® Pentium® 4, Xeon™ - Socket 478, socket 603, 604, and socket 423

    • Cold plate: to increase thermal capacitance, the cold plate is 1/2 thick. The plate is lapped on both sides to an 8 micro surface finish. The unit is entirely assembled using Arctic Silver™ 3.

    • Neoprene foam gaskets are used for insulation, and to prevent condensation.

    • Power requirements: due to the very high current requirements, this assembly must be used with a dedicated power supply. We offer the following industrial power supply solution, or recommend similar specifications for use with the MCW462-UT

    • 320 Watts single output Switching Power supply

    • Output voltage 12 volts, 25 amps +- 1% - R&N 150mV, Effi. 82%

    -Input voltage: 88~132 VAC/176~264VAC

    -Input frequency 47~63Hz

    -UL/CUL approved

    -2 Yr warranty

    • dimensions: 9” x 4.5” x 2”

    • Intended use: The MCW462-UH and MCW478-UHT are intended for professionals, and/or knowledgeable users, in applications where the processor needs to be kept below ambient temperatures. Since these coolers are only part of an entire cooling solution, including pump, radiator, fans, etc… the temperature of the active cooling assembly will vary greatly depending on: thermal load, components used in the system, and external operating conditions. Swiftech cannot assess or anticipate performance results for individual users projects, and invites prospective users to consult with their Swiftech distributor or a qualified technician.

    Technical specifications

    Block & fittings

    • CNC Machined aluminum body, dimensions: L3 x W3 xH.975
    • Type II, class 2 sulfuric acid blue anodize
    • .370 thick C110 copper base, flatness better then 0.001 , tolerance lapped to 8 micro-finish or better.
    • Overall assy. dimension & weight:
    • MCW462-U: L3 x W3 xH1.3 - Weight: 451g
    • MCW462-UT: L3 x W3 xH1.9 - Weight: 883g
    • Built-in quick connect fittings for 3/8 (OD) vinyl, poly-ethylene or copper tubing
    • Pressure-tested and guaranteed to 60 PSI
    • Weight: 21 oz (600g)

    Mounting accessories included :

    • Motherboard fittings: Round standoffs with nylon washers and nylons nuts

    • 4 compression springs & screws providing exact specified pressure per chip manufacturers.

    • Universal Intel® Pentium® 4 brackets, for socket 423, 478 and 603 (Xeon™)

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