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Windows CE.NET para XBOX

  • Hola a todos!

    Acaba de salir un Windows CE.NET para XBOX
    Y parece que es de distribución libre 🙂

    -Is this legal to use? Is this legal to distribtue? Am I violating copyright if I host this?
    The stage1 bootloader (XbeBoot) was taken from the Xbox-Linux project, and was written without the use of the XDK. Everything AFTER the stage1 bootloader is either my code (BSP) or CE itself. I submit my code to the world under the GPL.
    As far as CE itself, here is what Microsoft has to say on the subject:

    (Taken from "Understanding Additional Licensing Rights", Posted: September 18, 2003

    "Non-commercial distribution rights grant developers the ability to install a runtime on an unlimited number of devices and distribute those devices to third parties for non-commercial purposes. These rights are applicable to both Evaluation Edition and Full Version licensees."

    "A developer may create and deploy runtimes on an unlimited number of devices to share with friends as long as neither person is receiving any financial gain from the transaction."

    In other words, we can all share this great peice of work freely and openly, so long as noone tries to sell it. Thanks muchly, Microsoft!

    Ya tengo ganas de probarlo…
    ¿Alguno de vosotros lo ha catado ya?

    Hasta luego!

  • Bueno, y eso ¿qué quiere decir exactamente?
    ¿Que se le podrá instalar un windows a la xbox sin necesidad de ""apaños""?
    ¿Seria como XBOX + CHIP + LINUX?

  • claro, seria igual pero es legal, poruqe no estas usando el contenido del xdk.

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