No me funciona un disco exteno usb2 en controladora pci usb2 chip Ali

  • Saludos.

    Tengo instalada la distro slackware 9.1 y el disco usb (un icecube) me funciona bien en los usb 1 integrados en placa. Pero me compré una controladora conceptronic con chip Ali con 6 usb y no consigo que el disco funcione correctamente. Si intento copiar un archivo, solo graba unas cuantas megas y se queda atascada la conexion. En pindows funciona bien.

    Gracias de antemano.

    P.D. Por si sirve de algo el kernel es 2.4.22 y mi placa una gigabyte 7ZXE

    x x
    x Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a specification for a serial bus x
    x subsystem which offers higher speeds and more features than the x
    x traditional PC serial port. The bus supplies power to peripherals x
    x and allows for hot swapping. Up to 127 USB peripherals can be x
    x connected to a single USB host in a tree structure. x
    x x
    x The USB host is the root of the tree, the peripherals are the x
    x leaves and the inner nodes are special USB devices called hubs. x
    x Most PCs now have USB host ports, used to connect peripherals x
    x such as scanners, keyboards, mice, modems, cameras, disks, x
    x flash memory, network links, and printers to the PC. x
    x x
    x Say Y here if your computer has a host-side USB port and you want x
    x to use USB devices. You then need to say Y to at least one of the x
    Host Controller Driver (HCD) options below. Choose a USB 1.1 x
    x controller, such as "UHCI HCD support" or "OHCI HCD support", x
    x and "EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support" except for older systems that x
    x do not have USB 2.0 support. It doesn't normally hurt to select x
    x them all if you are not certain. x
    x x
    x If your system has a device-side USB port, used in the peripheral x
    x side of the USB protocol, see the "USB Gadget" framework instead. x
    x x
    x After choosing your HCD, then select drivers for the USB peripherals x
    x you'll be using. You may want to check out the information provided x
    x in <file:documentation usb="">and especially the links given in x
    x <file:documentation usb="" usb-help.txt="">. x
    x x
    x To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the x
    x module will be called usbcore.
    esto es lo que me ha dicho el kernel sobre tu problema te adjunto el usb-help.txt

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