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Linux for "Armada 1750" 64Mb with GUI

  • Hi there,

    I am looking for a free Linux distribution that runs on an

    "Compaq Armada 1750" with only 64mb Ram

    but i need a GUI (Graphical User Interface)
    and PCMCIA support, I did not find it on the net by myself.

    i tried WINxp….. it works with only 64mb!!! no problem. :sisi:

    but Linux needs 82mb of ram minimum for KDE :llorar:
    and others like icewm did not work,
    only tmx but thats rediculus to me since i dont have an idea of Linux.

    Who can tell me which linux distro with which GUI will work for me ?

  • I don't understand why you are asking this on this Forum, it's a Spanish Forum, but I'll try to help you.

    Linux on Laptops


  • muchas gracias amigo. :risitas:

    ya installe Slackware sin KDE y uso xfce Desktop.. si da buena velocidad

    el Vectorlinux se ve espectacular, pero tengo muy poco ram pa eso pero si vale la pena dale una mirada aun si solo se tiene 64mb

    de nuevo , gracias amigo!!! :risitas:

    soy tan confundido aveces <:(

  • Sigo sin entender porque escribiste en ingles el primer post….pero bueno, suerte que te haya ayudado, y si alguna vez volves a postear, explicame.


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