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4chan pirados

  • Pues si queréis risas pos 4chan las asegura. Hay una Epic Thread aquí: me he jartado demasiado, recomendable 100%.

    Llaman a una tienda de juegos usados preguntando por el battle toads un juego muy viejo, pero llama mucha gente y ponen wavs con las conversaciones y tal, es demasiado:

    Gs:Thank you for calling gamestop this is greg speaking
    me:I was looking for a game that i haven't seen in a while..
    Gs: let me guess, battle toads
    me: no i am looking for snk vs marvel 2 on ps2
    gs: sorry about that but we have been getting calls..
    me: lol
    (about three minutes pass)
    gs: yea we have three copies and they are 29.99
    me: thanks oh and by the way i heard of a game called super smash frogs.
    gs: let me check on that…
    (a few minutes pass)
    gs: there doesn't seem to be a game out that the system called super smash frogs.
    me: could you check under battle toads..
    gs: fuck off

    Which number are a lot of people calling?
    me:hi do you have super mario galaxy in today?
    gs: no it will be coming in tomorrow.
    me: will it be $50 or $60?
    gs: $50
    me: Oh wow I could buy a lot of battle toads with that money.
    gd: ::click::

    Me: Hey I was wondering how long you hold games for?
    GS: What do you mean?
    Me: I got Need For Speed Pro Street preordered but I don't think I can pick it up on the 13th
    GS: We will usually hold it for at least 48 hours but if you need more time just call us and let us know and we can make arrangements.
    Me: oh good good… So um... My battletoads preorder from 1993 is ki-

    Se que deben estar hasta los … de las llamadas, pero fijo que al final se ríen ellos también!! :risitas:

    AVISO Este es un pelin mas fuerte, no mirar la gente sensible

    ! GS: Gamestop this is Mike how may I help you.
    Me: Look man, all these prank calls you are getting are from these internet nerds for Battletoads are probably getting annoying.
    GS: Yea man they have been calling the past 10 minutes nonstop.
    Me: Yea man, they have their own forum and are basically just posting up random Gamestop numbers and pranking them.
    GS: Those little fucks.
    Me: Yea, if you want you can go checkout their forum site and I dont know, contact your local telephone company or something.
    GS: Ohh thanks, whats the site?
    GS: Second, I have a customer
    Me: Sure
    ! ….
    ! GS: K, gimme a second
    ! ...

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