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  • Pues si alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar un guia de este magnifico juego (a buenas horas lo descubro yo :-) ) le estaria muy agradecido.
    El problema está que no salgo de la tercera fase, la artus_mine, no se que hacer.

    Si alguien me pudiese ayudar…:p

  • Bueno, ahí va la solución para el nivel 3. La parte de traducción tendrás que currartela tú. Suerte.

    Walkthrough for Level 3 (artus_mine)


    Don't Fall In

    Proceed through the canyon passage until you can see the buildings with the spotlights. Kyle says it'd be a good idea to avoid that's what you'll do. Drop down and circle around to the left, and make your way underneath the lights. Walk on the ledge at the base of the tower, go inside the door, and then flip the switch to turn off the lights. Move back out. Head back on to the large circular landing pad, and look down to the right. On the ledge overlooking the river, there will be a dead body. Walk over to pick up your first wookie bowcaster and a large shield booster. Now back jump up and get over to the octagonal platform that is right in front of the pipes that extend over the green river. Hop down, and you'll see the three pipes stretching up to your right explode when you get close to them. Continue straight, and jump up from pipe to pipe, until you reach the top. (the pipes will continue to explode and break as you go up, but don't worry).

    Once at the top, get on to the metal walkway, move around to the left, and go up the stairs. Walk through the door and kill the four or five troopers, and the officer on the second level as well. The ramp to your left has a lift on either side of it...take one up so you can grab the security key from the officer. Drop down and unlock the door at the bottom of the ramp. You've now inflitrated the mine, completing one of your objectives.

    Fill up with the two regen units you find, and proceed to the next room. Once you get rid of the three officers, get both the security key and the supply key, and then open the door to your left.
    Four troopers are waiting for you on the other side; fry em and then head down on the lift. the first secret is on your way down...make sure at the top, you're facing the room you just came from. As the lift moves down, crouch and get ready to move forward. About halfway down you'll see a small crawlspace...sneak in there and move toward the end.
    A panel will lift up, revealing a belt of thermal detonators. In front of you is a small hole that leads down to a much larger room. 3 troopers are right below you, talking about an intruder =). Drop a few grenades on them, then turn around and head to the lift again. Press the button near the edge to turn it on again, then hop on and ride it down to that big room. Get rid of the remaining troopers, retrieve the shield booster from the supply crate by the door, and go over to the door in the far left corner. The hallway it leads to has a lift at the end, but as soon as you get there, it speeds up out of your reach. It comes back down with four troopers on it, so be ready. Ride the lift up and you will see a hallway the branches out in many directions.

    The Crossroads

    Head just a bit to the left and stop in the middle of the hallways. I'll refer to this as the "crossroads" in the future. Head back up by the lift and go past it, through the next door you find. This new room is seemlingly empty, but after a few seconds, large panels on both side of the room will lift up, exposing about 12 troopers. Once you've finished them off, you can raid the room for a bunch of items. Move over by the windows and go out through the door onto the walkway. Go all the way to the end of it, up the stairs and into the new hallway. Stop at the first intersection and look're now on the other side of the crossroads. There will be some troopers camped out near where you first came up on the lift. Get rid of them, but continue in the same corridor, the that leads straight from the catwalk. You will pass a checkpoint, and then come to a door. Stop for a second and listen to the two troopers talking. Run in and kill the troopers and the officers, grabbing the supply key on the way. Take a moment to look at the layout of the room. At the far end there are doors on each side...these lead out to a platform where you'll need to proceed next. Go to the end and use the shield regenerator if you need to, and then go outside the doors on either side of you, out on to the grate walkway.

    Up on the Tram

    Stand on the walkway facing towards the river, and notice that a part of the fence is broken. Look downward here, and notice what happens each time a tram flies into the flashing red room. A pipe will extend below you, venting air, and will then retract. Jump down on top of this pipe, crouch as close to the wall as you can, and then climb inside once it retracts. Through this tube you will emerge in a small area below the tram room. Destroy the four red pillars, as well as the lift in front of you. The room above will no longer be dangerous. Move on to the lift, and it will take you up. Once in the room, climb on either of the black rail archways, and drop down on top of the tram. Ride it through the passageway, around the corner and then jump off to the left, where you'll see small area leading to a dark green passage. Crawl in, and get ready to deal with some really annoying bugs with big teeth. I suggest using your stun baton on them so you don't waste all your ammo. Proceed through the passage; it doesn't matter which way you go, both directions lead to the same place. At the end, you'll see a couple dead miners and a piece of mining equipment. Hit the switch on the back, and it will drill through the wall for you. Be careful, it leads to a small duct area with two holes overlooking a pit of lava. The drilling machine falls through the first hole...move to the second, break the grate, and wait for the next mining tram to come by. Its path leads right
    underneath the hole, so jump down on top when you see it. While you're waiting, you can kill most of the enemies in the room below. Once you're on the tram, jump off when it gets close enough to the walkway.

    Voyage to the Mine Computer

    Go in the door to the left to stock up on ammo, and continue through the next door to find the supply shelf with ammo/healthkit.
    At the end of the walkway, take the lift down to the first level and finish off whatever enemies are left. Move around the lava pit to the door on the other side. In this new room, you'll have to jump up on the large compactor that is smashing up and down. Kill the troopers, and fill up your shields with the generator at the end of the walkway on the right. Move over to the left and go through the door. This brings you out on a ledge overlooking a big room with a number of officers and troopers below. Use a bunch of detonators to nuke them before you take the lift to get down. Take the supply key from the officer and open the crate located to the right of the huge computer. Right next to the crate is the console it and you'll be shown a small cutscene.


    The mine is now exploding around you...go to the door in the far corner of the room, through the hallway and the next door. You will now be in the main room with the catwalk above you. go straight ahead, the same way you went the first time...through the door, up the lift, and turn right down the hallway (the crossroads are now blocked by a pile of rocks). Kill the two enemies and continue to the end of the hallway, and you'll wind up in the room that had the first big trooper ambush.
    There's a few more here again, so get rid of them quickly and go up the ramp to the left and through the door. A tram is sitting on the track in front of you...use the supply shelf on the wall if you need it, and then ride to the next level.

  • Gracias Iceman, la solucion era tan simple como idiota, solo tenia que subirme encima de una barana para poder meter-me encima de un carro i continuar.

  • :D
    Me alegro de haberte ayudado, caballero Jedi.

    Un saludo y que la fuerza te acompañe.

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