Como configurar lirc

  • He echo un receptor de infrarojos , que ya me funciona en windows.Pero en linux no consigo configurarlo.

    en /etc/lircd.cof he puesto esto:(para el mando philips sbc ru520)

    brand: Philips

    model: SBC RU 520

    supported devices: TV, VCR

    contributed by: Maarten ter Huurne

    This is a remote control in the SBC RU 500 series:

    SBC RU 510 supports 1 device (TV)

    SBC RU 520 supports 2 devices (TV, VCR)

    SBC RU 530 supports 3 devices (TV, VCR, SAT)

    SBC RU 540 supports 4 devices (TV, VCR, SAT, DVD)

    Since I have a 520, only the TV and VCR keys are in this config file.

    The 5x0 models are black, there are also 5x5 models in silver.

    This remote is reprogrammable; the configuration below is for the default

    configuration. The remote's manual tells you how to restore the default

    configuration if necessary.

    The volume +/- and mute are always sent to the TV, regardless of the

    current mode. The remote does not send some keys at all in some modes,

    for example the record button does nothing in TV mode. You can see

    whether a button is sent or not by looking at the mode selection led,

    which flashes every time a button is sent.

    You can find images and the manual of this remote here:

    Direct link: (not sure this will continue to work)

    Note: I copied the timing settings from the "sbc-rp420" config file,

    which was contributed by Thomas Betker.

    The irrecord tool was unable to figure the timing settings out,

    probably because the Hauppauge analog TV card I use (lirc_i2c

    driver) does most of the decoding internally.

    I also kept the key naming as close to "sbc-rp420" as possible.

    begin remote

    name Philips/SBC-RU-520
    bits 13
    flags RC5|CONST_LENGTH
    eps 30
    aeps 100

    one 932 847
    zero 932 847
    plead 976
    gap 113935

    irrecord found:

    gap 199995

    toggle_bit 2

    begin codes

    regular TV codes:

    tv/standby 0x000000000000100C
    tv/text 0x000000000000103C
    tv/tt.suspend 0x0000000000001029
    tv/tt.enlarge 0x000000000000102B
    tv/select 0x000000000000103F
    tv/mute 0x000000000000100D
    tv/ext 0x0000000000001038
    tv/program+ 0x0000000000001020
    tv/program- 0x0000000000001021
    tv/volume+ 0x0000000000001010
    tv/volume- 0x0000000000001011
    tv/menu 0x0000000000000012
    tv/ok 0x0000000000000017
    tv/1 0x0000000000001001
    tv/2 0x0000000000001002
    tv/3 0x0000000000001003
    tv/4 0x0000000000001004
    tv/5 0x0000000000001005
    tv/6 0x0000000000001006
    tv/7 0x0000000000001007
    tv/8 0x0000000000001008
    tv/9 0x0000000000001009
    tv/0 0x0000000000001000
    tv/digits 0x000000000000100A
    tv/red 0x000000000000002B
    tv/green 0x000000000000002C
    tv/yellow 0x000000000000002D
    tv/blue 0x000000000000002E
    tv/grey 0x000000000000002F

    shift TV codes:

    tv/smute 0x0000000000001023
    tv/sext 0x000000000000100F
    tv/sprogram+ 0x0000000000000010
    tv/sprogram- 0x0000000000000011
    tv/svol+ 0x0000000000000016
    tv/svol- 0x0000000000000015
    tv/smenu 0x000000000000003A
    tv/sok 0x000000000000100F
    tv/s1 0x000000000000100E
    tv/s2 0x000000000000102E
    tv/s3 0x000000000000102A
    tv/s4 0x000000000000102D
    tv/s5 0x000000000000101D
    tv/s6 0x0000000000000018
    tv/s7 0x000000000000000E
    tv/s8 0x000000000000003E
    tv/s9 0x000000000000000D
    tv/s0 0x0000000000001022
    tv/sdigits 0x000000000000100B

    regular VCR codes:

    vcr/standby 0x000000000000114C
    vcr/text 0x000000000000117C
    vcr/tt.suspend 0x000000000000115D
    vcr/tt.enlarge 0x0000000000000145
    vcr/select 0x000000000000114F
    vcr/ext 0x0000000000001178
    vcr/program+ 0x0000000000001160
    vcr/program- 0x0000000000001161
    vcr/menu 0x0000000000000152
    vcr/ok 0x0000000000000157
    vcr/1 0x0000000000001141
    vcr/2 0x0000000000001142
    vcr/3 0x0000000000001143
    vcr/4 0x0000000000001144
    vcr/5 0x0000000000001145
    vcr/6 0x0000000000001146
    vcr/7 0x0000000000001147
    vcr/8 0x0000000000001148
    vcr/9 0x0000000000001149
    vcr/0 0x0000000000001140
    vcr/digits 0x000000000000114A
    vcr/backward 0x0000000000001172
    vcr/stop 0x0000000000001176
    vcr/pause 0x0000000000001170
    vcr/forward 0x0000000000001174
    vcr/play 0x0000000000001175
    vcr/record 0x0000000000001177

    shift VCR codes:

    vcr/stext 0x000000000000117D
    vcr/stt.suspend 0x000000000000114B
    vcr/stt.enlarge 0x000000000000117A
    vcr/sdisplay 0x0000000000001171
    vcr/sprogram+ 0x0000000000000150
    vcr/sprogram- 0x0000000000000151
    vcr/svol- 0x0000000000000155
    vcr/svol+ 0x0000000000000156
    vcr/smenu 0x0000000000000153
    vcr/sok 0x000000000000017D
    vcr/s1 0x000000000000114E
    vcr/s2 0x0000000000000149
    vcr/s3 0x0000000000000148
    vcr/sbackward 0x0000000000001165
    vcr/sstop 0x0000000000000171
    vcr/spause 0x0000000000001169
    vcr/sforward 0x0000000000001166
    vcr/splay 0x0000000000000170
    end codes

    end remote

    y si sigo los comandos que pone en la pagina oficial de lirc me pone esto:

    bash-2.05b# irw
    connect: Connection refused
    bash-2.05b# chmod 666 /dev/lircd
    bash-2.05b# irw
    connect: Connection refused
    bash-2.05b# mode2
    This program is only intended for receivers supporting the pulse/space layer.
    Note that this is no error, but this program simply makes no sense for your
    In order to test your setup run lircd with the –nodaemon option and
    then check if the remote works with the irw tool.

    sabeis que archivo me falta configurar? yo creo que tengo ke configurar el receptor que esta conectado al com1, pero eso donde se pone?:rolleyes:

    Un saludo y gracias.

  • :susto: no sabe nadie?:rolleyes:

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