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5700FX a Quadro1100?

  • Veteranos HL

    pues que leyendo en digit-life, veo esto. Y me resulta muy curioso. Por que han tardado tanto tiempo alguien en sacar esto y tardaron tan poco en otras cosas? sera que quieren vender las 5700? Pienso siempre mal, como paso con las 9500@9700. Y que no me parece mal, sino todo lo contrario:

    Engineers from Darkcrow test lab decided to to dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" to show the exact difference between graphics cards on NV36GL (Quadro FX 1100) and NV36 (GeForce FX 5700).

    As you can see on these photos, the obvious difference is in resistors surface mounting. Currently the researchers work on methods to transform one card into another, including path resoldering, BIOS patching and PCB recircuiting. So, perhaps, such hardware changes will enable them to obtain a middle-level professional workstation card (Quadro FX 1100) made using the 0.13µm process from a simpler desktop solution.

    At the moment of announcement of this GPU we already mentioned that such a novelty unusual for Quadro FX series based on desktop NV36 GeForce FX 5700 implying the following:

    128-bit FP precision
    12-bit subpixel precision
    128MB RAM
    16X FSAA support

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