TCPA ??? ya existe ?

  • Hoy estaba mirando la documentación técnica para IT's de Hewlet Packard, cuando me he encotrado esto:

    TCPA Solution

    The TCPA (Trusted Computing Platform Alliance) is an industry group focused on improving trust and security in computing. The HP TCPA solution for business desktops is called HP ProtectTools Embedded Security. This solution enhances the security capabilities of the operating system and complements authentication technologies such as Smart Cards and fingerprint readers. HP ProtectTools Embedded Security includes a hardware chip and application software.

    Note: HP Compaq Business Desktop d330 and dc5000 systems do not support TCPA. This option is available only on select d530 SKUs.

    The HP ProtectTools Embedded Security Chip is the hardware component of the TCPA offering. The hardware consists of a TCPA 1.1 compliant daughterboard with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. The daughterboard is inserted into a connector on the system board. The TPM is a special-purpose cryptoprocessor that uses the same bus as the Super I/O and flash ROM chips. Each TPM chip is unique and bound to one system board only. The chip creates unique encryption keys and stores them in silicon, making the encryption extremely difficult to compromise.

    HP ProtectTools Embedded Security Manager is the software component of the TCPA offering. The software controls the operation of the security chip and integrates improved file and folder encryption into the operating system. The software includes basic enabling code, a trusted software stack (TSS), a BIOS device driver, a Windows control panel applet and administrative applications. The software has been designed so that future security enhancements can be easily integrated.

    Note: The HP ProtectTools Embedded Security solution cannot be ordered as an after-market option. It must be installed at the factory when the system is built.

    Es el famoso, TCPA "Paladium" ?????? :rollani:

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    Supongo que existira, pero de ahi a que se implemente de verdad creo que nada de nada.

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