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QX9750 for US$1,400; QX9775 for US$1,500

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    Core 2 quad QX9650 priced at US$999
    Written by Fuad Abazovic
    Friday, 26 October 2007 09:22

    Roadmap: QX9750 for US$1,400; QX9775 for US$1,500

    Intel plans to launch QX9650 on the 12th of November and this 3GHz quad core with 12MB of cache and FSB 1333 will cost US$999 at launch.

    This is not the end, as a part coming in January known as QX9770, Intel’s first FSB 1600 part, will cost around US$1,400 while the socket 771 variant branded as QX9775 will cost US$1,500.

    Intel knows that its prices are ridiculously steep, but it also knows that some people will be willing to pay these prices. The sad part is that any of these three parts will not provide a noticeable performance increase compared to a E6850 dual core, as most of the applications still can't communicate with quad or eight cores.

    Core 2 quad QX9775 and QX9770 will launch in Q1, and intel didn’t want to be more specific. Demo systems might be ready in December, at least from the Skulltrail dual socket 771 machine powered with two 3.2GHz clocked QX9775 $1,500 parts.

  • Que baratitos, ya les vale y luego dicen que los Phenom, te puedes comprar tres casi.

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