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Review:HD3870X2 Quad-CrossfireX smasher: GeForce 9800GX2

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    Page 1: Introduction
    Page 2: The advantage of dual PCB
    Page 3: 800GX2 Quad SLI: the new 4-way AFR
    Page 4: 9800GX2 power connector issues
    Page 5: The LEDs of 9800GX2
    Page 6: A closer look at 9800GX2(1)
    Page 7: A closer look at 9800GX2(2)
    Page 8: Talk about the BR04
    Page 9: 9800GX2 HD playback test
    Page 10: GeForce 9800GX2 power consumption test
    Page 11: GeForce 9800GX2 cooling test
    Page 12: Test bed and remarks
    Page 13: Futruemark 3DMark06
    Page 14: DiRT:Colin McRae Off-Road V1.1
    Page 15: Enemy Territory:Quake Wars
    Page 16: Half Life2 Episode2 timedemo
    Page 17: F.E.A.R:Perseus Mandate
    Page 18: Call of Duty 4 MP V1.5 timedemo
    Page 19: Unreal Tournament 3 V1.2
    Page 20: Bioshock V1.1
    Page 21: Crysis V1.1
    Page 22: Call of Juarez V1.1.10 AMD Version
    Page 23: Company of Heroes OF V2.201.0
    Page 24: World In Conflic V1.0.0.5b
    Page 25: Lost Planet V1.004
    Page 26: Single VS SLI:9800GX2 vs 8800GTS
    Page 27: Flagship VS Flagship: 9800GX2 vs 8800Ultra
    Page 28: Who’s the new King:9800GX2 vs 3870X2
    Page 29: King, and two queens: 9800GX2 vs 3870X2 CF
    Page 30: Final thought

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