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DDR3 A 1800MHz

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    La compañía Walton Chaintech ha enriquecido su oferta de memorias con la introducción de nuevos módulos de memoria APOGEE GT.
    Estas memorias DDR3 están preparadas para trabajar a 1800MHz (PC3-14400) con latencias de 8-8-8-24.
    Usan ocho Micron D9G 128M y pueden encontrarse en kits de 2GB (2x1GB), claramente con dual channel.
    Quizá para no asustarnos, no hay precios todavía

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    Que raro que las especifiquen a Cas 8-8-8, sabes su voltaje de operación ? Las Supertalent que tengo en la firma son 1800 pero a Cas 7-7-7, eso si, a 2V.

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    pues esto es todo lo que dice la noticia. puse el enlace en el primer post

    Walton Chaintech Releases Incomparable Overclocking Memory Module- APOGEE GT DDR3 1800

    Taipei, Taiwan, November 06, 2007 - Walton Chaintech, the world's renowned memory module and graphic card manufacturer, releases its brand-new APOGEE GT DDR3 memory module rated at a blazing-fast 1800MHz (PC3-14400). This high-speed DDR3 solution sets industry performance standards as well as to accelerate the development of next-generation enthusiast platforms.

    Tested and qualified to reach DDR3 1800 with substantial overclocking capability and aggressive latencies, the APOGEE GT DDR3 memory module is believed as an innovative addition to the GT line up. Balanced between bandwidth and latencies, APOGEE GT DDR3 1800 memory modules are rated to run CL 8-8-8 -24 and optimized for the latest Intel P35 and X38 chipset.

    APOGEE GT DDR3 1800MHz Non-ECC Unbuffered DIMM is actually made of 8 pieces, Micron D 9G 128M x 8 chips, which are well known for their exceptional overclocking performance. Each chip is handpicked for meeting strict performance and quality requirements. Not only that, all chips are manufactured of using Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) packages to assure better thermal dissipation and electrical efficiency.

    APOGEE GT DDR3 overclocking series contains four types, including DDR3 1800/1600/1333/1066MHz memory modules. All modules are available in 2GB Kit (1GB x 2). The modules are specifically engineered and designed for exacting power users. Each module is 100% tested for quality assurance and compatibility , ensuring customers to enjoy an extreme user experience either for gaming or other multimedia applications with high computing needs.

    Walton Chaintech has been dedicated in improving its competitiveness in the global market and provided customers with the most advanced products of unbeatable quality. Without doubt, the company's continuous effort in technology development enables APOGEE GT DDR3 1800 Non-ECC Unbuffered DIMM become a perfect choice for any high-performance system.


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