Waterblock GT3 -Qué os parece este bloque?

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    Alguien tiene o ha leído algo sobre él, pq la verdad tiene una pinta estupenda.

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    Hi, I have known your forum through the refferers to my site. Compliments for your site! You excuse for mine bad English, but I am Italian and I don't have a lot of familiarity with the foreign languages.

    Continue on this way!


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    Si que tiene muy buena pinta, y vaya nivel que el propio SUGO haya respondido, no ha dado información alguna pero bueno, la intención es lo que cuenta.


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    Ehm…English please!

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    Where are you from?

    Ehm…English please!

    Man.. that's an spanish forum! :D

    PD: I like your web design.

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    I'm from Italy…. and i know that this is a Spanish forum! :D

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    Can you tell us how it performs? Some benchmarks or anything…

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    Hi Sugo,
    Hello Sugo,
    Tell me more things that you know about this block, characteristics etc…
    That it seems to you?

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    Your web and the blocks have good spot. ;)

    Some yield test?

    Vaya ingles que tiene el Power Translator este :D

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    Welcome SUGO , We want to know more. Please show us some picks of the interior design, it will be very interesting.

    Juer que oxidao tengo el ingles.

    Pa los que no se enteren mucho: le digo que enseñe fotos del interior etc…

    Un saludo.

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    for SuGo….

    mmm... i had seen your waterblocks and... they are too similar to innovatek waterblolck and clips too.

    So... is nextcool a italian company or just a innovatek division?

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    The comparative tests of the WaterCUBE GT3 will be made in 1-2 weeks from the principal European site , even also from this… :)

    Here in Italy they have been made some tests but they are not official yet, but they will be among a few days.
    Perhaps one day you will see it also distributed in your beautiful country.


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    Next-Cool is not a division of Innovatek but a totally new firm. Obviously all the WB sooner or later all are resembled, like this case of the clip of the GT3.

    Internally the sketch is a pipe flow, but for matter of secretiveness I prefer to avoid to show it. :(

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    Ok SUGO , here we are specting for those tests.

    Le digo que esperamos impacientemente esos test, o eso es lo que he querido decir:D

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    Hi Sugo … The quality of the waterblocks is great :)
    How the video card is held on to the video card ? ... is there a clip, or is just 4 screws ? ...
    thanks ... Is good to see that the forums and the Web page are seen in foreing countries :)

    See you .

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    Hi, the WaterCUBE LT uses the clip that you see in the photos of the site and it it is screwed both on the WB and on the card video

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